April 2023

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Multivariate genome-wide association meta-analysis of over 1 million subjects identifies loci underlying multiple substance use disorders

Hatoum, Colbert, Johnson, Huggett, Deak et al.

Nature Mental Health, September 2022


Genetic liability to substance use disorders can be parsed into loci that confer general or substance-specific addiction risk. We report a multivariate genome-wide association meta-analysis that disaggregates general and substance-specific loci from published summary statistics of problematic alcohol use, problematic tobacco use, cannabis use disorder and opioid use disorder in a sample of 1,025,550 individuals of European descent and 92,630 individuals of African descent. Nineteen independent single-nucleotide polymorphisms were genome-wide significant (P < 5 × 10–8) for the general addiction risk factor (addiction-rf), which showed high polygenicity. Across ancestries, PDE4B was significant (among other genes), suggesting dopamine regulation as a cross-substance vulnerability. An addiction-rf polygenic risk score was associated with substance use disorders, psychopathologies, somatic conditions and environments associated with the onset of addictions. Substance-specific loci (9 for alcohol, 32 for tobacco, 5 for cannabis and 1 for opioids) included metabolic and receptor genes. These findings provide insight into genetic risk loci for substance use disorders that could be leveraged as treatment targets.

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